Some hope on the downslope.

March 2nd, 2009

Read this provocative article from the blog, Club Orlov. It’s about survival in a post-collapse economy — “Social Collapse Best Practices.”  The author, Dmitry Orlov, lived through the Russian economic collapse in the late 80s. I found it fascinating — worth the half hour it took to read. It’s filled with wisdom like this: “I can take any pick-up truck and increase its fuel efficiency one or two thousand percent just by breaking a few laws. First, you pack about a dozen people into the bed, standing shoulder to shoulder like sardines. Second, you drive about 25 mph, down the highway, because going any faster would waste fuel and wouldn’t be safe with so many people in the back. And there you are, per passenger fuel efficiency increased by a factor of 20 or so.”

3 Responses to “Some hope on the downslope.”

  1. dean Says:

    not to mention he’d get to ride in the platinum lane. (8x more exclusive than the diamond lane!)

  2. Jean Says:

    We have that already — it’s called Muni.

  3. John P Says:

    It seems like those least effected by an economic downturn are the homeless. When you have nothing, you have nothing to lose. So perhaps the homeless haven’t actually hit bottom but are in fact more evolved than the homed. No one leans on them to pay taxes, look presentable, stay off drugs, get good miles per gallon, recycle, watch their language, put on a sweater, have email, be politically correct, get cable, tip their waitress, watch their calories, keep their bonuses to under a half million dollars, keep their births per pregnancies to under eight, pass the sugar, wear a condom, mow the lawn, resurface the driveway, lighten up, get serious, turn that frown upside down, not covet his neighbor’s wife (even when she’s a super hot asian chick), use gender non-specific language, be discrete, be tasteful, conserve, consume, inoculate, inaugurate, pull out before he ejaculates, consider his fate, respect his mate, pray to god and then quietly wait, be all he can be, give what he can, be more sensitive, be a MAN, fix his divots, wear a tie, tell the truth, try not to pry, take baby steps, honor his mother, show his feelings, help his brother, get a job, save his money, go to college, be more funny, take a chance, take a pill, take a break, thou shalt not kill, take his word for it, take it back!, create a time line to be out of Iraq, learn an instrument, be yourself, be a stay at home mom, go see “Elf”!, shake a leg, don’t shake a baby, please don’t beg, shake it lady!, don’t make trouble, stand up for what’s right, make it a double, don’t give up without a fight, go to bed, but not with your sister, have pleasant dreams, invest well mister.

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