The knotty question in Democratic circles has been what to do with the errant senator, Joe Lieberman. There are those, like Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who think the Connecticut independent should be stripped of any and all committee leadership positions. Others would like to see him no longer be allowed, as one of two independents, to caucus with the Democrats.

Party leaders have finally come to a workable solution — one that allows Lieberman to serve his country in its intelligence-gathering operations. That would be to place him in a spy drone and program it to fly over the mountains of northwest Pakistan, which is believed to be the territory in which Osama bin Laden is hiding.

This compromise allows Lieberman the opportunity to be shot down and imprisoned as was his best senate buddy, John McCain. Nobody wishes for such an outcome, of course — merely the chance to spot America’s Enemy #1. Democratic officials point out that humans can still do this job better than technological gadgetry.

Lieberman, who has not accepted yet, is leaning towards the compromise, saying, “the Republicans have offered me a job grooming the Palin family sled dogs, but I need something more hypo-allergenic, like the aluminum tube of a drone aircraft.”

2 Responses to “Lieberman to pilot drones over Waziristan?”

  1. EmilyD Says:

    Boot the Bastard!

  2. Jean McKenzie Says:

    You mean to say they’ve separated him from John McCain’s butt this quickly? I thought that would take months of delicate surgery. Our health care system rocks!

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