You were probably smart to shore up your contract before appearing on The View today, Mr. Olbermann, because a lot of your audience might even come to prefer Bill O’Reilly. But here it is for every idealist out there in MSNBC-land who thinks Keith Olbermann is the best thing since sliced Cheney: “I don’t vote,” Olbermann said, saying it is the only thing he can do to suggest journalistic objectivity.”

That’s like Paris Hilton saying, “I don’t fuck because it’s the only thing I can do to suggest virginity.”

You’re worse than a horse’s ass, Mr. Olbermann. You’re the product of the horse’s ass.

2 Responses to “Today’s Worst Non-Voter in the World.”

  1. Elizabeth C. Says:

    I agree with your denunciation of his non-voting stance, not having seen him on The View. However, someone just forwarded a clip of him on his own program (I assume) denouncing (with a great deal of emotion) those who voted against Prop. 8.

  2. fwickham Says:

    Thanks, Elizabeth. That fits right in with my thoughts on this guy. I’m tired of him.



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