Sketch work-up.

November 8th, 2008

SNL’s Lorne Michaels on the phone with Nancy Reagan — mid-call.

MICHAELS: …so in the sketch, Fred Armisen plays Obama. Will Forte plays your husband, Ronnie. And Kristen Wiig plays the dead, departed you.

N. REAGAN: It’s a seance. I don’t see why I’m dead.

MICHAELS: The joke is everybody’s alive but you.

N. REAGAN: Hmmm. Funny. But why do you need me?

MICHAELS: Seth! (muffled conversation) There’s a portrait of you on the wall that comes alive. You’ll play that.

N. REAGAN: You don’t need me. Unless it’s for the ratings.

MICHAELS: (long pause) 14 million people tuned in to see Sarah Palin when she came on the show. Tina Fey could’ve played her from now to kingdom come and that wouldn’t have happened.

N. REAGAN: So Obama calls and interrupts the seance to apologize to me. Then what?

MICHAELS: Then you — the portrait of you — tells Kristen Wiig what to say. You know, to be real deferential. About how he’s this amazing success story and like Ronnie in so many ways, blah blah blah.

N. REAGAN: Okay. Hold it right now. I have a daughter, Patti. Patti Davis. A gorgeous girl. She did a Playboy centerfold a few years ago. Forget this Kristen Whoever-she-is, and call Patti. She looks like me — she’s absolutely beautiful — and if anybody’s going to play the dead, departed me, it should be her, my own flesh and blood.

MICHAELS: We can do that.

N. REAGAN: Make it happen.

MICHAELS: Done. And one more thing, our writers really need to know what Obama said to you.

N. REAGAN: He said, ‘Mrs Reagan, I’m sorry for what I said about seances.’

MICHAELS: That’s it?

N. REAGAN: Oh, one thing else, could I get the script cleared?


N. REAGAN: Well, he said SNL would probably do something on this.


N. REAGAN: Barack Obama.

MICHAELS: (outraged) I’m expected to clear this through Barack Obama?

N. REAGAN: No. Through Rahm Emmanuel.

MICHAELS: Oh, Rahm. Of course.

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