Why add syllables and vowels? Do I need longer words? Do they add colour? Wheelchair or crutches? Wheelchair. I’ve got to use the cutting board and I can’t reach the tabletop, slung vulture-like on crutches. Cut the ham then the kiwi? Or kiwi then ham? Depends, do I want ham flavoured kiwi or kiwi flavored ham? Kut is better than cut. & Kwikee Kleen beats Quickie Clean. “You Kall these Kiwis Kleen?” Why C or Q, ever, when Kw does what Qu does, & S does C. Is that question or statement. Check punktuation. No, Punktuashun, relative to Pashtun, spokn in northrn Afghnstn. On lvng rm TV, mersedeez has mprovd krumpl zon. Bama cald wnr n NC. Fnlly! (M I txtng yt?)

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  1. joan Says:

    vry fny, thnx.

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