Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska and presumptive Republican nominee for Vice President, has received positive reviews for her stand against the “Bridge to Nowhere”, the notorious money-grab championed by Alaska Senator Ted Stevens.

She flew back to Alaska today, to the town of Nanook, far above the arctic circle. There she faced down a crowd of environmentalists angry about the melting ice at their feet, and civilization’s reliance on fossil fuels. “To suggest ice is more important than oil is arrogant,” she said. “Sure, we could have our vast miles of ice to cross, but it is a luxury neither Alaska nor America can afford in today’s world. Does anybody complain because ice no longer covers the East Pole or the West Pole? Of course not.”

When asked how many igloos remain in her state, she said, “I’m not sure.”

The answer is seven.

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  1. Jean McKenzie Says:

    Thanks for explaining who Sarah Palin is in your first paragraph. I keep thinking she’s Hillary Clinton. But then, I’m only a woman, so how am I to know…

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