Sexist? Comments please.

August 27th, 2008

For security reasons, an access code was placed on a hallway door recently. It restricts the route VA nursing home residents, especially those in wheelchairs, need in order to visit the main hospital where the cafeteria, coffee shop, and all the clinics are located. We were given a code — 382436. The hyphenated version, 38-24-36, is a mnemonic — a more busty version of the supposed female ideal made popular with the advent of Playboy Magazine in the 50s.

When we were first given the code there was a buzz — objections from a number of women staffers and nurses. Some have been firm in their dislike of the code.

Most men, on the other hand, like it. Besides being easy to remember, they get a chuckle out of it. In addition, patients here are almost all male.

Anyhow, the code has been changed as a result of the objections. Guys are going to have to figure out a way to remember the new numbers. Maybe tire pressure + favorite quarterback’s number + IQ (these are two digit couplets). Man stuff, but not overtly sexist man stuff.

I’m asking how you might vote on this issue. I acknowledge my explanation of the problem may be prejudiced.

5 Responses to “Sexist? Comments please.”

  1. Lee Says:

    That number combination reminds me of the Commodores’ 1977 funk classic “Brick House” (“she mighty mighty, lettin it all hang out”). Granted, the precise number combination in the song is 36-24-36 but it’s close enough for mnemonic. And no doubt also sexist by today’s standards. Oh well.

  2. Elizabeth C. Says:

    I say it may be sexist, but I also say it is totally trivial, I’m all for mnemonics, so let the boys have their fun.

  3. fwickham Says:

    Well put, Elizabeth. I’d say that to them but they’ve changed it already. Don’t know what the new code is yyet, though. However, I do have a new mnemonic for them: 25-08-20 — the date the 19th amendment passed. You know, women got the vote.

  4. Jean McKenzie Says:

    Really? the Vet Hospital took away 38-24-36 from you guys? whew. I feel freer already.

  5. Elizabeth C. Says:

    Addendum: A guilty pleasure of mine is watching “Prison Break.” In the season opener last night they had to open lockbox to trace this season’s McGuffin. The combination was–yep, you guessed it–36-24-36.

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