Americans over the age of sixty are being diagnosed with a wide variety of cancers — of the skin, the colon, the kidney, the prostate — the list goes on and on.

While millions of senior citizens die of cancer every year, the one thing they have in common is that they all used land line telephones exclusively during the years from 1940 thorugh 1990. Particularly troubling have been the cancers in people over 80 years of age. Almost all of this group report having used a land line while others, often complete strangers, participated in group phone use — a practice known as sharing a party line.

Dr. Brant Grassley of the Center for Disease Control says, “The studies are not entirely clear, but it appears that very low frequency waves or something in the plastics of the times may be the cause. We have asked the present administration for $150 million for preliminary studies and have received assurance from the Surgeon General that our request will be fast-tracked.

When asked about the CDC request, Rear Admiral Stephen K. Galson, M.D.M.P.H, Acting Surgeon General to President Bush responded, “the more I say about this, the more it diminishes my title.”

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