Viagra is celebrating its tenth birthday.

The little blue pill has accomplished a lot. It aced out birth control pharmaceuticals in the health-care sweepstakes. Yeah, old guys get their swag paid for by the insurance companies, but women of reproductive age don’t. Hey girls, get a lobbyist.

It’s a weird country. Viagra sells well in the bible belt. (What happened to faith-based hardons?)

I get a kick our of the Boner Boys. Those cheerful fiftysomething guys plucking away — “Viva Viagra.” Can you imagine a less inspiring song? Just a minute, honey, let’s wait til they finish singing the side effects.

Would John Edwards be in trouble without Viagra?

Coming soon, New Children’s Strength Viagra.

One Response to “If you experience a boner lasting ten years, sing Happy Birthday.”

  1. Jean McKenzie Says:

    Do you know why insurance pays for Viagra, but not for birth control pills? Because Viagra is prescribed for the treatment of a medical condition. Apparently that’s what Erectile Dysfunction is. NOT (as some people might assume) just God’s way of saying that one’s procreation days are over. And even more importantly, NOT (as some other people might assume) a pre-existing medical condition for which one might be turned down for health insurance. That would only be for something like, say…pregnancy.

    Repeat this three times every morning and every night and eventually you’ll either be a man or a Republican.

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