This is a nation of drug-pushers. Not too many years ago the American dream was amended to include legal pharmaceuticals. TV advertising taught us to pronounce and demand mood-altering substances at a time most of us could still afford them. A lot of this stuff makes you behave antisocially.

We can’t legally make candidates divulge tax and income records, but we pester them to do so. And they come through because they know the public expects them to.

I think we should know what medications they’re taking, as well. Everything. Dosages and all. And the news programs should devote as much time as necessary to tell us in laymans’ terms what personality disorders might pop up as a result.

Our guesses as to George W. Bush’s belligerence have centered on his IQ, his desire to please oil-business cronies, his stubbornness, his relationship to his mom, on and on. But the guy’s an alcoholic — supposedly a non-drinking one. There’s a good chance he’s modulating his blood chemistry with some multi-syllabic alcohol substitute.

It’s all well and good to talk about skin cancer, heart health, and so on. But whether somebody’s an angry S.O.B. — or a placid moron — we deserve to know the blood chemistry behind the behavior.

One Response to “Ask your doctor if you are healthy enough to start a war.”

  1. Jean McKenzie Says:

    seriously. Stories abound of presidential decisions made while under the influence, including that Roosevelt was so loaded on painkillers that he gave away half of Europe at Yalta. (Maybe that’s also why he totally forgot to mention the atom bomb to his vice-president Truman)
    I like your plan. If we had to know about Cheney’s heart(?!) and W’s colon and McCain’s skin lesions, then of course we should know what they’re on. You can’t get a job at Home Depot without passing a drug screening test!

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