Thank you, David and Brady.

August 3rd, 2008

freds pants3.jpg

You are looking at the pocket of my levis. It’s a near facsimile of the logo for the popular photo-sharing site, Flickr. My friend, Brady Lea, noticed it, shot it, and posted it there.

Since I became hospitalized last December, I have not posted an image on the blog. A few months ago I began attempting, but months of bedrest, overcooked broccoli, and thrice-weekly bingo have poached my medulla technorata. I forgot how to post an image, and WordPress, the software I use, is all geek to me.

Another friend, David Gallagher, an expert in this stuff, came to my rescue — making a few other technical fixes along the way. Amazingly, the two people who made this blog posting possible, are husband and wife. Talk about Degrees of Separation.

3 Responses to “Thank you, David and Brady.”

  1. Katherine Says:

    Dear Fred: Am I the first to see the image of the Virgin Mary on your jeans pocket?

  2. fwickham Says:

    Katherine — Thanks for noticing. Turn the image upside down and you can see a semi-aroused Joseph.

  3. John P Says:

    I am semi-aroused by the image of Joseph. Does this make me a catholic?

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