The Race Card.

August 2nd, 2008

Speaking of a much more serious tiff this week about whether or not Obama played the race card in the campaign, McCain seemed to defend his team’s strong response:

“I would not oppose his playing of the Ace of Diamonds, the Four of Hearts, the Jack of Hearts, the Five of Clubs, or the Jack of Clubs.

“However, if he did play any of those cards I would not hesitate to call him a cheater, as those are the cards I am holding. Frankly, I’m dumping the Four of Hearts and the Five of Clubs. By holding two Jacks with an Ace kicker, I decrease my chances of three of a kind, but increase the opportunity to improve my hand as two pair becomes more likely. That is Phil Gramm’s analysis.

“What I would find disheartening would be for Obama to play a Race Card, by which I emphatically do not mean, necessarily, to be a Spade. It could be any card — who am I to say? However, it has a greater likelihood of being a Spade as I am void in that suit.

“Many expect me to play Joseph Lieberman, and I may. If I do, I will be playing the Faith Card. Lieberman is a Jew — a serious, serious Jew. As a member of a Race, Obama is much less serious. A darker man could play the Race Card as effectively as Lieberman could play the Faith Card. Obama could not.

Other issues have my attention. The economy, victory in Iraq, the sacrifice of our troops, and my competition to improve our nation’s battery life. But one thing I know, at this moment in history the Race Card will not help me.

“Well, maybe the Jack of Spades.”

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  1. John P Says:

    Three pair beats two of a kind. This is why the Democrats will kick Republican ass this year.

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