Six near-orgasm experiences.

August 1st, 2008

  1. Float above bed, crash down and split lip.
  2. Speed through tunnel, lose track of walls.
  3. Neck hair prickles, turn, look deep into gun barrel.
  4. Hear disembodied voice, “I’m getting sore.”
  5. Raptured up, cut forehead on rear-view mirror.
  6. Sense that you’re channeling Nelson Rockefeller.

3 Responses to “Six near-orgasm experiences.”

  1. joan Says:

    so so pink tongue, stretched to a quivering point, at empty space atop the sugar cone where the tumbling snowball of french vanilla used to sit …

  2. joan Says:

    (i have complex orgasms)

  3. travesti Says:


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