China has banned the serving of dog meat at Beijing restaurants that cater to spectators at the Olympics. I don’t care one way or the other, I just wanted an opportunity to pun.

Puns usually annoy me — except for my own. They’re like farts in that regard.

By the way, I used to tell everybody I ate dog while in the Philippines. It may or may not be true. Our outfit was in the field and we came upon some people cooking some kind of meat on a spit. That’s all I know for certain. It could have been goat, piglet, or any smallish mammal. Somehow the memory morphed into a story at some bull session.

Forgive me if I lied. Forgive me if I did eat dog. Forgive me for my pun. It’s my birthday.

5 Responses to “I didn’t like the chow anyway.”

  1. Tim Says:

    Love the pun. Many happy returns of the day.

  2. Nancy Mc Says:

    May the evening air, whether it be fog, breeze or still, caress your soul as if massaging a ball of young mozzarella

    The osprey and eel join together in an eternal hymn of gratitude for your existence

    We are moved to fry the succulent culpeppers tonight. It is, after all, your birthday!

  3. Big Steve Says:

    I ate a veggie dog, tasted real good, yum mum, nummy num-num.

    with all the fixin’s…. another dog, Fred? It’s your Bday. It’s okay to slit that wieinie and double-stack it with cheese, or cut it up like little pennies with a pile of baked beans, it’s eventually all green and all good, just don’t slice the beans the way Mattos does.

  4. Ann Belden Says:

    Love the pun. Happy Birthday, Fred. Would love to see you.
    Ann & Derek

  5. Jean McKenzie Says:

    the chow!!
    Now I get it! Puns always go right by me. I never expect them. So, in that way, they’re not like farts at all.

    Happy birthday!

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