Our leader came home from Saudi Arabia empty handed. I say hooray. Why George W. would expect loyalty from his partners in crime is beyond me. Doesn’t he realize he’s the Junior Partner — in everything, including his administration.

Hey everybody, who’d you rather have a beer with? Who’d you rather burn a gallon of gas with? Polls say about 30% are still in Bush’s corner. But is there a business person in the country who would want him to run his or her company? If Bush held the dice at the craps table, you know you’d play the don’t pass line.

All this can be ours for another four years. John McCain brings the same powerful brand of ignorance to the table. By 2013, he imagines, we will have won the war in Iraq and the troops will be coming home. What’s this guy do, put his underpants on over his jeans? We will win by getting out now (most military commanders believe we can withdraw in 20 months and still protect out troops). Then say bye-bye to oil.

Empty the freeways, fill up the alternative energy labs, and leave the terrorists to deal with their own — the Robed Royalty of Riyahd.

One Response to “Next time, kiss that Prince on all four cheeks, Mr. President.”

  1. Jean McKenzie Says:

    I cut-and-pasted this right from your story.

    “All this can be ours for another four years. John McCain.”

    What a great campaign slogan — for the Democrats!

    The beauty of it is that absolutely anything that’s happened in the last 8 years can be plugged in to support this powerful statement. A no-brainer. Music to my marketing ears.


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