Two million dusky-skinned types
loll in prison griping their gripes.
Well, your taxes weren’t done.
That makes two million-and-one.
Were you thinking you’re white, Mr. Snipes?

One Response to “A Comment from District Judge Hodges.”

  1. Batshir Torchio Says:

    My post has nothing to do with the this clever poem. I just hung up with Fred. Bummed! Fred’s recoveries and setbacks and recoveries take neck-braking twists and turns — a physical and emotional roller coaster ride for sure. For the most part, Fred loves amusement park rides. Renee says Fred’s medical odyssey is like the “In Vertigo” coaster at Great America. (Apologies for the G.A. mention — not promoting.)

    On another brief leave from the VA on Saturday Fred strapped on his skinny prosthetic, improv-ed away, and hiked up and down city streets — no doubt feeling giddy with the freedom of movement, sunshine on his scruffy and hospital sheltered skin, and the ability to stand somewhat firmly in his two shoes.

    A blister formed on the injury site and pain followed on Saturday night. On Sunday I brought Fred back to the VA where, for the first time in many days a percoset was required for rest and eventual sleep. Monday confirmed that the blister popped and pus returned. Vancomycin, drug of choice and no other pharmaceutical choice for MERSA is hooked into him.

    Lesson learned. This one-legged navigation through the streets of San Francisco, after ANY number of years with the benefit and blessing of two of them, will take time, patience, and metered practice. Humor, too.

    Laila tov — Night,


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