May 27th, 2006

I looked at a lot of blogs in my run-up to Bullseye Rooster. So far I’ve only put three on my blogroll — Huffington Post, Daily Kos, and Gallery of the Absurd. The first two, my mainstays, are lefty news and opinion sites. Gallery of the Absurd, a product of a woman who bills herself only as #14, is a museum of celebrity parody by a hugely productive artist. She is, first, a great caricaturist. But too many caricaturists are satisfied with their own trademark exaggerations of line and proportion. It’s enough to them that their subject’s big lips, or ski-jump nose, or explosive cowlick, hilariously fills the frame. But #14 brings more to the party.

Go the the Brangelina section and look at the Brad Pull-toy. Then check out the Thomas Kinkaid Cuddle-Bear Urinal. Paris Hilton as a proboscis monkey. Sure, they’re the usual targets — it’s the ideas that are unusual. And rendered in so many different styles.

Okay, enough talk. Click.

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  1. M. Phillips Says:

    I love the Gallery. Thanks for finding it.

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