February 3rd, 2007

When I read Malachy Walsh’s Feb 2 blog entry announcing his reproductive success, I considered posting my congratulations on his site, then it hit me that a great many of the people I know are friends of his. So here’s his post.

He asks an interesting question — what was it like being told you were going to be a father? I remember the moment and the thought precisely — I’m 47, it was never my plan to be a father. What’s going on here?

It was night. August of 1988. My girlfriend, Katie, and I had just moved in together four or five days before. 47 years old, and it was the first and only time I’d lived with a girlfriend! I was surprised that it took me only about fifteen minutes to warm to the idea of being a father. In my life, things have to happen by accident, or they just don’t happen.

And that’s all there was to it. Been happy about it ever since.

Now. Congratulations Malachy and Heather.

2 Responses to “Da.”

  1. Malachy Walsh Says:

    I really couldn’t believe it had happened – or rather, how differently it made me feel once it had.

    Thanks for the link. And the congrats.


  2. grace Says:

    There’s such a huge difference between hearing about a wanted pregnancy and an unwanted one. I remember both vividly, in 1966 and 1975.

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