October 28th, 2011

It’s 11:05 pm. Got to have something up on the blog by 11:30.

Grab my old notebook, the blue one Ann gave me that fell apart two weeks ago. Find something in there to write about. Oh, David Skinner. 80 year old friend and horse-trainer, leaving the Bay Area, moves to LA to be with his daughter. Gives me his email. It ‘s earthlink. Thought they were long out of business.

Next page. It’s 12 lines of directions from my briend Brooke’s global positioning thing. It was a hilarious, inept, beautiful crosstown, throughtown, upanddowntown ride, ending in my fall in a pile of slippery leaves at the side of her car when my crutches pushed against wet leaves. Good for five minutes of pity at the party we were attending.

Dime under the pillow: tooth fairy. Dime under the doormat: Janitor fairy. (Porch fairy?)

ChristianMingle.com. Sometimes you have to let Ted Haggard make the first move.

A bakers’ doesn’t.

Order Amadeus. The Red Violin. Bang the Drum Slowly. 76 Trombones. Harpo. (Is there a movie called Harpo? Should there be?)

Spent an hour and a half writing the last entry on my blog. (Snapshot. Black and white.) Have been working 12 minutes on this. Got to hurry up. Don’t worry abbout typos.

An immigrant from California to South California. (?) Oh yes, that was a couple months ago when the Orange County rabid right was thinking about seceding from California. Please, let them go.

Cindy, my friend Paula’s mom. Send her a link to Wansee Conference. She and I are in the Hitler Youth Book Club. Three people over sixty who study the Holocaust. My friend Pete insisted we call it that. I kept resisting, but he wore me out. Hitler Youth Book Club it is. Heil Pete!

At the Republicans closet case forum, where they emphasized proper decorum, Marcus Bachmann, the rube, forgot to bring lube, and they had to reuse the Santorum. (Okay, I published that a month or two ago, but it was in this little book, the page stained with orange juice).

I didn’t asl tp be bprm. yrs yo did. yu just to dont remember. (i don’t know who saei that, but not me. Ilie it tho)

The house subcommittee on supercommittees. Ubermensch, Supermensch.

Yes, you’re getting tired of readin g, I’m getting tied of typing It’s 11:30.





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  1. grace Says:

    Love your dedication to the blog.

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