The Sanity Wing.

October 20th, 2011

Three candidates, all of them under 1% in the polling, may soon disappear from sight. They are John Huntsman, the only primary candidate with any real foreign policy credentials, Buddy Roemer, whose plan to kneecap the money boys is certainly refreshing, and Fred Karger, a gay man who for mysterious reasons identifies as a Republican.

Whatever their virtues or failings, these three men are not insane. The Republican Party is such a cuckoo establishment that in order to find rational human beings within it, it is necessary to scrape the bottom of their barrel. Often there is a thin coating of detritus atop any given pool, but the GOP is slime damn near all the way down. That is the situation. How can anybody change it?

Here’s an idea. The three men cited above should band together and call themselves the Sanity Wing of the Republican Party. During future debates, it would be great if a network such as MSNBC would have them on in real time, commenting on the arguments of the establishment. A host would direct comments to any one of the three and ask what their policies would be. The public would see the comments of the Sanity Wing a few minutes after the anointed candidates presented their ideas — video would allow this kind of staggered presentation.

On November 15th, the Republicans debate once again. Let’s make the game a little more difficult for them. And showcase some real candidates.


4 Responses to “The Sanity Wing.”

  1. Scott Keck Says:

    Fred – you’re so right. And Huntsman, I think, has something like $300,000 cash on hand and $4 million in campaign debts. It shows that sanity can’t raise a nickel in the GOP world, I supposed.

  2. Steven Russon Says:

    Great idea Fred. Maybe Jon Stewart could run with this one.

  3. jon Says:


    MSNBC would never do that. They only higher clowns Republican like Michael Steele and Ron Christie. A sane Republican on the air ? There is no market for that.

  4. Cindy Mancillas Says:

    Thanks for your comments – I have seen Buddy twice and John Huntsman but had not heard of Fred Karger. In the last debate where “Rick really took the gloves off” and suposedly ruffled Mitt’s cool, I was struck by the stupidity of the whole lot of the panel. How did any of them think they have the depth and intellectual sophistication to actually govern the US? Finally the crowd who must pay good money to listen and clap — they are spooky individuals who could have easily participated in the ‘night of the broken glass’.

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