From my diary: Feb 1, 1988.

October 9th, 2011

I was sitting on the toilet, crying, and I pulled a length of toilet paper and blotted my wet eyes. I folded the paper reflexively and wiped my ass with it — and the damp paper, cold on my butt, made me realize I was wiping my ass with my tears. By the time I folded up another length I was howling. It was the first real laugh I’d had in twelve years.

4 Responses to “From my diary: Feb 1, 1988.”

  1. grace Says:

    Nice anecdote.

  2. Jim Rosenau Says:

    That’s what they call a “God-cha” question, ain’t it?

  3. Jim Rosenau Says:

    Fred, my comment belonged on the debate post, not tis one.

  4. fwickham Says:

    Jim –


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