Four years ago I wrote a blog piece about the snake oil pitched by the excrescent Dr Russell Blaylock. It was called “NewsMax and Quacks.” Since that time comments have dribbled in at the rate of seventeen or eighteen a year. Most of my pieces get a few comments at the outset, but are forgotten fairly quickly. Many of the comments on this particular piece have been condemnatory. I assumed they were simply ready-to-copy boilerplate so the commenters wouldn’t have to tax their brains. So what a pleasure it was today to receive a comment from a woman who did pay her brain tax (though she’s clearly in a low tax bracket), Ms Wanda Kinzeler:

You will stand before God on the day you die and have to account for all of the blood that you shed taking innocent lives because they died at the hands of Western medicine. I know I had the top doctors at Cedars Sinai in Beverly Hills and UCLA Medical when I was 25-28, and by 28 I was given 3 wks to live by their drugs. I quit all of them and went to alternative medicine and natural therapies and have lived another 30 yrs, while I have watched 1000′s die.  I highly suggest that you get educated, you are not, get rid of your arrogance, humble yourself, and get right with God.  Otherwise that arrogant rooster which represents you will be heckling you forever in a Godless eternity, where you will be forever seeing a movie of the innocent people whom you killed.  Google hell as well and watch where you are going if you do not take this ignorant ranting off the internet and make every attempt to repair the damage you have done.

By the way, I did Google “Hell.” The number four ranking entry was Hell, Michigan. It’s the miniature golf capital of the Lower Great Lakes.

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  1. Wanda Kinzeler...the unafraid Says:

    Yes, I finally google my name and was pleased to see this…Yes I do have a brain though the quacks in Western Medicine tried to destroy it, and our trying constantly to enslave and dumb down the masses through prescriptions and that all-encompassing, “I think you need an anti-depressant.” Of which combine that with TV, and now they have now dumbed down 99.99% of America. If you think this comment was good, please feel free to read my notes on Facebook and wall, although I am busy now writing a thesis, on what the perpetrators are now doing to the Global Financial System which is set to collapse by 2017 and how to get ready..Amen…Yes please check out the Bible also and ask Jesus to forgive your sins and show you what to do with the rest of your short life, because this 75-85 yrs is but a vapor compared to eternity and those who do not receive eternal life with God will suffer an agonizing eternity.. God bless,. Amen

  2. ealkoholizm Says:

    Will put a link on your Facebook account in Poland and I strongly commend to your blog: Fred Wickham’s Bullseye Rooster » Blog Archive » And it’s not covered by ObamaCare.. And I have many friends who are interested in medicine, I’m a doctor. I cordially greet and welcome to the blog in our country.

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