Good angel. Bad angel.

January 28th, 2011

A friend invites you to dinner. The check comes. After two minutes, he still hasn’t picked it up. You should… (good angel) Clear throat, raise eyebrows questioningly, look at bill… (bad angel) fill mouth with small change, then spit coins out one by one into the check folder until amount plus 10% is reached.

You walk through  a doorway and let the door close on elderly gentleman with a walker. You should… (good angel) help the man up off the floor and apologize. (bad angel) Take the tennis ball off one of the legs of the walker, hold it over man’s head and say “Up boy, Up.”

You are a surgeon on duty in an emergency room when an angry fat man, ranting into his cell phone about our socialist government, collapses. You… (good angel) open him up, determine he needs a pacemaker, install it, sew him up and wish him well. (bad angel) You open him up, install his cell phone, release him from hospital and begin calling him.

6 Responses to “Good angel. Bad angel.”

  1. Erin. S. Says:

    Love this. Was this one of Grace’s writing assignments? You’re working the intake desk at a medical clinic, about to clock out for the end of the day before a long holiday weekend, when you pick up the last phone call before cutoff time. On the other end of the line is a long winded, demanding patient with a rash in an embarrassingly private area. Do you (good angel) delay your weekend for twenty minutes to set up a last minute appointment for this poor soul? Or, do you (bad angel) ask the caller to describe said rash and location in detail, while switching on the speaker phone button, entertaining the rest of the office?

  2. Steven Russon Says:

    Actually, in the first situation, the “bad angel” is not an option, as money, even coins, germ-ridden and I would avoid putting it in my mouth. In the other cases, the bad angel options are too good to pass up. And Erin… need you even ask? How cool.

  3. Scott Keck Says:

    LOL, I vote cell phone over pacemaker. Another good BER Fred!

  4. grace Says:

    Not my idea, but it’s a great assignment.

  5. joan Says:

    Laughed out loud, Erin! Loved this entry, Fred!

  6. Jean McKenzie Says:

    I loved it.

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