y=ax squared when a>Cal.

October 21st, 2010

Yes. See this spoof on the college application process, written and performed by Renee Torchio MacDonald. Don’t want to wax too nepotistically grandiose — Renee is my stepdaughter — but if you think 110% is just a figure of speech, she tells of the world in which it is taken seriously.

4 Responses to “y=ax squared when a>Cal.”

  1. Steven Russon Says:

    Brilliant! – smr UCB Class of 1970

  2. fwickham Says:

    Steven –

    Glad you liked it. Pass it on to your classmates — in fact to anybody concerned with grade inflation.



  3. Jamie Jobb Says:

    I was in the audience the night Renee Torchio MacDonald brought this brilliant piece of math on stage at Marsh Berkeley. Renee is a budding genius who plumbed the concept of Cal student “orientation” into uncharted comic depths. She deserves further Marsh development, another young, energetic smart performer, and “girl” who does the math! BTW, Steven Russon (the previous commentator) is seldom wrong.

  4. Per Madsen Says:

    I loved Renee’s performance — very well done, a 3.99

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