The Coffee Wars.

October 7th, 2010

My friend Ken Grobe, a writer for the sketch comedy group, Killing My Lobster, wrote a wonderful little Ken Burns-style documentary. “The Coffee Wars.” He was kind enough to cast me in it. Click on it if you have nothing to do for the next five minutes. And you don’t, do you?

5 Responses to “The Coffee Wars.”

  1. Scott Keck Says:

    Fred – that was pretty damned funny! Nicely executed, and of course, you were great. They needed a better narrator, tho’. Like me. Heh.

  2. malachy walsh Says:

    I knew you and Joan Baez had a thing.

  3. Bob Gilbert Says:

    I knew Joan Baez got that vibrato from somewhere.

  4. fwickham Says:

    Bob –

    Good to hear from you. Just disappointed I haven’t heard from Joan yet.

  5. Fred Morrison Says:

    This is a pretty excellent video.

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